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The Nameless Company
When I left university, my first job was an awful job selling financial services.  Awful insofar as the standard tactics one was asked to employ were to call family and friends and have them buy from you before asking them to recommend others who may want the same policies. 3months was all I could take.

Touchline Insurance Services
I was in temporary work for a while before securing a job at a company called Touchline Insurance, a car and home insurer. At last half-honest work. The 5 years I spent there were good, but (with respect) I knew I was destined for better things.

Norwich Union Healthcare
From July 2000 until November 2004 I worked for Norwich Union Healthcare and so my affair with financial services continued. NUHC was a great place to work.  Great people, good salary and great benefits. The only major problem was the journey and the relatively monotonous nature of the work.  So for family and career reasons I eventually looked elsewhere.

Northern Tool + Equipment
Finally I managed to break out of financial services when I joined Northern Tool + Equipment (NTE). Without wanting to sound too sycophantic my move to NTE was an absolute gem. Closer to home (allowing me to spend more time with my family), much more money, and in retail dealing with tangible products that you can touch and feel. Wow, what a change, and a change for the better too. Nevertheless, after having dragged the company kicking and screaming into it's only year of profit, shortly after the recession hit, and the appetite for doing things better, smarter and more innovatively evaporated and I felt the need to move on. It was half hearted at first (for the first 18months), which is why it took the announcement that the company was closing for me to get my act together. The closer was announced in early August 2010. I had found and started a new role by the start of the second week in November the same year.

Screwfix Direct
In early November 2010, I started at Screwfix Direct. Nice one! Or so I thought. Basically my family situation is unusual insofar as my son, Alexander has a Choral Scholarship awarded by Chichester Cathedral, so he attends Prebendal Shcool in Chichester. We simply could not bring ourselves to either leave him there and move to Somerset (he has to board anyway, so we might have been able to stomach this), nor could we contemplate removing him from the Cathedral Choir. So I had to find a role back in the Chichester area. And with a bit of a hop leap and a wiggle, so I did.

Wiggle Ltd
A...M...A...Z...I...N...G! Who could have thought that selling bikes could be SUCH a success? I joined Wiggle in April 2011 and love it. Oh it can be tough, but its it such a dynamic, energetic and friendly company to work for.



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