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Whoa! Where do I start.

Well, a number of them are considered weird or crazy by most normal people, but the fact is I would rather be role-playing in Middle-earth than, say, lubricating the pavement with bodily fluids, funded by my hard earned cash, in the early hours, as a lot of those who think I am weird do. Duh! Who are the idiots? No no, really, it IS you.

My main hobby is role-playing, which after family and work, is what I spend most of my spare time doing. Certainly the character creation spreadsheets I have developed for a variety of role-playing games have taken literally hundreds of hours on Excel to create and hone. Without role-playing life would certainly have a touch less colour.

Reading Tolkien's works ranks as highly as role-playing although it doesn't take anywhere near as much time. My life would be very different, I am sure, if I had never experienced Mr T and some of the other great fantasy authors who came after. I'm by no means widely read, even in the fantasy and Sci-fi genre. I'd rather know inside out several universes than have a little knowledge about many. I consider myself a bit of an expert on everything Middle-earth, The Land (Stephen Donaldson's epic about Thomas Covenant) and Julian May's Pliocene and Galactic Milieu series of books.

A side hobby is astronomy. I am no expert, but the vastness and wonder of space is, for me, much more majestic and wonderful than just about anything else (except family and the above) that I can think of. I do have a simple 8" telescope, but without a counter weight, the slightest wind sends the images rocking badly on high magnification. One day I'll get a decent telescope with a digital camera facility and start to take some great shots.

Sports, specifically Karate, had been a big part of my life in my middle to late teenage years. I got to 1st Kyu (brown belt with two white stripes) but then I discovered the evils of women and beer, and it all went to pot. I returned to Karate every 3 to 4 years for the next 20 years, staying for 3 to 6 months before life took over. Then around the start of Summer 2010 I knew that enough was enough. My kids were getting to the age where in 2 to 3 years time they would be old enough to start training themselves. And since I wanted to be in a position to teach them properly, I got by lazy backside back to my old Karate club in Portsmouth, run by the awesome Sensi Tony Denham. The goal, my Shodan black belt! On August 10th 2012, I graded for my Shodan at the 2012 KUGB Lancaster Summer School. In fact follow the previous link, and my name is the last one listed under the Shodan passes. Also the very next picture, is actually me getting kicked by Sensi Sherry. That is just awesome!



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