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David Gemmell

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My thoughts

His works

Drenai Tales

  • Legend
  • The King Beyond The Gate
  • Quest For Lost Heroes
  • Waylander
  • Waylander II - In the Realm of the Wolf
  • The First Chronicles Of Druss The Legend
  • The Legend Of Deathwalker
  • Winter Warriors
  • Hero in the Shadows
  • White Wolf
  • Swords of Night and Day

Rigante Tales

  • Sword In The Storm
  • Midnight Falcon
  • Ravenheart
  • Stormrider


  • Lord of the Silver Bow
  • Shield of Thunder

Hawk Queen Tales

  • Ironhand's Daughter
  • The Hawk Eternal

Greek Tales

  • Lion of Macedon
  • Dark Prince

Sipstrassi Tales

  • Wolf In Shadow
  • Ghost King
  • Last Sword Of Power
  • The Last Guardian
  • Bloodstone


  • Dark Moon
  • Echoes of the Great Song
  • Knights Of Dark Renown
  • Morningstar



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