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Chivalry & Sorcery: Character Creation Methodology

Last updated: 15thSeptember 2009
This Chivalry & Sorcery character creation spreadsheet has been designed to reduce a character to a column of numbers (yes your ARE a number), which the main Character Sheet spreadsheet reads and translates into an almost finished character, and certainly cuts out the vast majority of the mathematics that can make Chivalry & Sorcery character creation overly lengthy.

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The design of this Chivalry & Sorcery Character Creation spreadsheet allows a player or GM to create their Chivalry & Sorcery character or NPC and to reduce them to a set of alpha and numerical values which drive and are driven by various drop down boxes. These values can then be copied off and stored in a different file, to be copied back into the Chivalry & Sorcery Character Creation spreadsheet when the character requires updating.

The values that make up a character only take up a few 'K' of memory, whilst the Chivalry & Sorcery Character Creation spreadsheet itself is over 4megs (Excel 2003) and having one of these for each character would take up an awful lot of memory. Keeping the values separate and simply copying them across for updating and then copying the updated values back into the storing file, keeps memory usage to a minimum.

The creation of this Chivalry & Sorcery Character Creation spreadsheet would not have been possible without me having first downloaded an Excel based Chivalry & Sorcery Character Creation spreadsheet, designed by Henk Bomhof, from the very first LOCS website. Without his spreadsheet, I would not have been able to construct mine as Henk's showed me a number of strategies and techniques using Excel formulas!

I do now believe my Chivalry & Sorcery Character Creation spreadsheet to be a very good development and way beyond any previous version available on the web.

The Character Creation Spreadsheet

The Excel spreadsheet is divided into four separate sheets:

  1. Blank Character Values
  2. Worksheet
  3. Character Sheet
  4. Tables

Blank Character Values

This sheet can be used to neutralise the values that may have been entered into the Worksheet. The reason behind this is otherwise one would have to manually go through the Worksheet and reselect the blank value of the drop down boxes (always the first line) and delete all the values entered in the blue boxes.

All one has to do is select the range of B2 to G332 on the Blank Character Values sheet and copy these cells. Switch to the Worksheet and select cell H2, and then paste.

This will neutralise the Worksheet to a state of nothing having been entered onto it.


This sheet allows the player/GM to create a character by using a variety of DROP DOWN BOXES, in columns B through G, and by filling in the BLUE coloured cells in columns H to K.

ALL other cells, particularly the green and orange/gold coloured ones, should not be actively amended. They will change, but their changing is as a result of your choosing from the drop down boxes, and as a result of the values you enter into the blue colours boxes.

Character Sheet

Firstly, you should not need to make ANY changes to this sheet. It should draw all the necessary information from the Worksheet and Tables sheets to make up your character. All you need do is ensure it looks OK for your printer (this may mean adjusting margins, etc.), and print it out.


I normally have this sheet hidden as it is very important that this sheet is not fiddled with, unless you are sure you know what you are doing. This sheet holds all the data that the Worksheet and the Character Sheet sheets require in order to function. Any change made here will affect ANY and ALL characters that you create using this spreadsheet.

Creating A Character

This should be a relatively painless process, as the spreadsheet does all the calculations for you, and all you need do is fill in your name, character name and a few numbers.

The spreadsheet does not give you everything you need to create a character. You will still need the Core Rule Books and the Companion Books.

The dark blue bar at the top, with white writing, simply keeps track of your level, the Mastery slots you have left and the XP you have left to spend. As the skill section is so tall, I have found it useful to have these values at the top of the page all the time, as the first row has been locked in place and will always show.

The spreadsheet has all the necessary stuff for you to create any character from the Core Rule Books and the Companion Books. So that includes Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Lycanthropes and Vampires.

I have added some Special Abilities and Deficiencies of my own. If you LOOK on the Tables tab in columns AS and BB then you will see the ones I have added in blue. I could work out what all of them do as I can't remember them all, but I have not for this document. Maybe some other time...

I hesitate to give a step by step commentary on how to fill in the spreadsheet, as it is, I believe all pretty self-explanatory, so please have a go, and feedback any errors, and/or things you think could be done better to me at:

Once you have created your character, to store the values that make it up, all you need do is copy the range H2 to M332 into one of the slots in the holding spreadsheet (4th Edition - CnS Character Values Equipment and Magic Sheets.xls) into one of the twelve sections provided. This way you can copy the values back at a later date, and modify the character, and by copying the values back and forth, you can keep your character fully up to date.




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